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Dental Implants

At the forefront of the implantology study, Dr. Massimo Masolo, Clinical Director of the Clinic, has developed a newly conceived implant: positioned directly on the mandible or jaw bone, with bio-compatible titanium screws that act as roots for new teeth. The use of these screws makes the implant joint with the bone, ensuring complete and fast assembly.

No discomfort to keep your mouth closed while waiting for the implants: the “immediate charge” technique, in which Max Medical is specialized, allows patients to come out of the clinic with temporary teeth as long as tissue healing is not complete.

Cleaning and hygiene

Periodic professional oral hygiene is essential to avoid or limit all the problems related to plaque and tartar. A healthy smile is a symbol of well-being, both from the aesthetic point of view and the health of the teeth.  Teeth whitening can also dramatically improve the appearance of your teeth with lower cost than other techniques, giving brightness to smile, harmony and self-confidence.

Emergency intervention

Timeliness is a must when it comes to health: Max Medical’s emergency interventions are carried out with the utmost urgency. Call if you have a problem, the staff is at your disposal to make an appointment as soon as possible! Call us.

Healthy teeth care

The “Conservative Dentistry” includes the treatment of dental caries, trauma, erosion and abrasion. The material used perfectly adheres to the tooth by bonding to the healthy tissue, ensuring minimal disability and the best aesthetic result. Max Medical has the best techniques and tools: the laser  fluorescence detector, and the conscious sedation, which allow the patient stop  suffering and feel pain.

We do for you

I must say that I was not your patient. Unfortunately, however, a tooth broke a few days before my holidays. My dentist was not available in those days and so I asked some friends to advise me. After a quick internet research, I booked a visit and you solved my problem (and saved my holidays). Thank you!

Silvana O.

After so long and many information I decided to follow Dr. Masolo for dental implants. He explained me all the details and reassured about the operation.  Not only was the operation successful, but also periodic checks have helped me feel better. The result made me smile again, with an optimal value for money.

Enzo B.

Maximum professionalism and efficiency. I did the usual cleaning of the teeth and found the staff very prepared and careful to my needs.  Max Medical Staff made me feel comfortable.

Tereza H.

Welcome to Max Medical

Max Medical is a dental clinic that works from 1987 in Vicenza, first in the figure of its founder: Dr. Massimo Masolo and then since 2008 in the current legal form. The clinic is specialized in implantology, with more than 10000 successfully-performed cases. It deals urgencies and solves implant and orthodontic problems, and the staff is also particularly careful to the youngest patients. The guarantee on interventions makes it one of the most reliable clinics in Vicenza.

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Our Staff

Dott. Massimo Masolo

Dott. Massimo Masolo

  • Dr. Massimo Masolo graduated in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Verona at the age of 25 years (1984) with the highest marks. He has been specializing in Odontostomatology at the same University in 1990. He has been attending the Maxillo Facial Surgery Department of Vicenza Hospital since 1983, headed by Prof. Curioni, recognized pioneer of Maxillo Facial Surgery in Italy. Speaker at numerous congresses and universities on the subject of Maxillo Facial Surgery and Odontostomatology, he can be regarded as one of the forerunners of modern osseointegrated implantology. He was among the inventors of the tissue regeneration system, with the help of fibrin glue and growth factors with autologous activation. He was also the founder of the Italian Association of Natural Dentistry in 1995. He has been attending for a few months the Hospital and the Plastic Surgery Clinic in Rio de Janeiro directed by Prof. Ivo Pitanguy, returning periodically. When he returned to Italy, he directed various ambulatories of Maxillo Facial Surgery at Vicenza Hospital. Now he works at Max Medical Clinic in Vicenza, which he founded, and operates various dental and oral surgery practices, particularly for complex implant rehabilitation.


Dott. Massimo Masolo

Dental Clinic
Dott.ssa Marisa Biasin

Dott.ssa Marisa Biasin

Dr. Marisa Biasin graduated in Dentistry and Dental Prosthesis at the University of Milan in 2012.

She is enrolled in the professional journal of doctors and dental practitioners of the Province of Vicenza.

She has attended for three years the University Dental Clinic of the Major Clinical Hospital - IRCSS Foundation Ca Granda, Milan, in the departments of Conservative and Endodontic Dentistry, Periodontology, Surgery and Prosthesis.

She attended the annual degree courses in Conservative Dentistry, held by Dr. Adamo Monari, and in Clinical Endodontics Practice held by Dr. Emanuele Ambu.
After completing her degree, she started her profession, working in Vicenza and Milan. She performs a clinical activity with general dentistry, prevention, maintenance therapy and hygiene.

In the study, professional hygiene sessions and periodic monitoring are performed to maintain the health of teeth and gums.


Dott.ssa Marisa Biasin

Dental Clinic
Dott. Alessandro Spagolla

Dott. Alessandro Spagolla

Dr. Alessandro Spagolla was born in Bassano Del Grappa in 1974. He attended his studies in 1994 at Ipsia Lampertico in Vicenza and then he graduated in Dentistry and Dental Prostheses in 2000 at the University of Padua.

He has experienced and worked in various dental studies, and since 2002 he has worked as a professional odontologist at Max Medical dental clinic.


Dott. Alessandro Spagolla

Clinical endodontics and fixed and mobile prostheses, conservative and pedodontic.
Dr.ssa Eleonora Scapin

Dr.ssa Eleonora Scapin

Dr. Eleonora Scapin was born in Cittadella in 1986. She obtained a degree in dentistry and the specialization in orthodontics at the University of Brescia, getting funds for a research in pediatric dentistry.

Her clinical training has continued with annual private courses of conservative dentistry, aesthetics, paedodontics and Orthodontics (Dr. Cocconi, Dr. Ferro, Dr. Rosa).

Over the years she has specialized in the clinical practice of orthodontics and gnathology with particular and recognized skills in children's treatment.


Dr.ssa Eleonora Scapin

Pediatric Dentistry Clinic
Marco Scalchi

Marco Scalchi

Marco Scalchi is our lab technician: he prepares the fixed and mobile implants for our patients. Thanks to his precise and professional work, Max Medical can rely on an efficient laboratory to create whatever our patients need.


Marco Scalchi

Foreign Dental Laboratory Holder: Prepares fixed and mobile prostheses.

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